Chocolate Porridge by Aveen Bannon

Sweeten your porridge with a hint of chocolate, a winning combination for kids of all ages :)

Serves 4|Takes 5 mins


160g (2 cups) of Flahavan’s Oats
20g (1 tbsp) of cocoa powder
750-800ml (3.5 cups) of milk
1 cup of raspberries


Mix oats with cocoa powder together.

Place milk in a saucepan.

Stir oat mix into milk.

Bring to the boil and add the raspberries.

Continue to simmer for 3-4 minutes until milk is absorbed and fruit softened.

Serve with some sliced banana or berries, enjoy just on its own or sweeten with a little golden syrup

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Kid Friendly   Celebrity Recipes   Oatspiration   Vegetarian  
Flahavan's Oats Illustration